Claudia Marie Video – Doctor’s Treatment

Another fresh week and time for one more Claudia Marie video update. Today the naughty and wild blonde found herself in a doctor’s office for a regular check up. Well as she was waiting the cumslut saw how good the doctor looked and she got it into her dirty little mind to fuck that guy today. But how ever will she manage that. Lucky for her there was suppose to be a fee that needed to be paid at the end for the exam and that gave her the perfect excuse. So let’s see her little plan today.

ClaudiaMarie enters the office and she lets herself be checked by the doc. And she giggles and makes sensual sounds to entice him. But he seems to not budge, well time for her to bring out the big guns. When it finished and the fee needed to be paid she played the fool and said she forgot her money home. And how could she repay him. Well she just pulls him near her as she unbuttons his pants and takes his cock out. Then she starts to suck and slurp on it like the pro that she is. And the doc considered that to be enough payment.


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